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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

New Anatomy & Physiology Online Platform (Trial)

Dear all,

Please be informed that we have activated a 30-days trial access to the new version of Anatomy & Physiology Online until 1st September 2017. Here is screenshot of the database:

The trial access link is available at or you may go to the Trials page:
For comparison, the current link to our previous purchased version (Primal Pictures) is at

In this 30-days access you will get the following:
  1. The latest technology platform that run plug-in free access via all main modern online browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+, Edge, Apple iPad and Android devices.
  2. Faster access time with the enhancement of HTML 5 platform.
  3. Re-designed user interface, to provide a more modern, intuitive and consistent user experience.
  4. Unlimited users access within these 30 days.
  5. Updated content compare to our purchased version.
Kindly let us know your feedback at

Thank you. 

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