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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Search Engine Review by Library PTS (Part Time Student Librarian) - Using EDS,uid&profile=eds
Review by Ng Qi En
Click the image above to access the search engine

1.   Which feature(s) I like the most about the search engine?
Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS) is the search engine powered by EbscoHost for IMU. The most amazing thing about this search engine is that it can search for any e-journals, e-books, articles from all the databases subscribed by IMU and books in campus library. With only one search engine, result from all the databases will be included, for example, Ovid database, Clinical Keys, Science Direct, EbscoHost and more. Moreover, the advanced search function will filter the result to a more precious and relevant finding. 

First, the EDS search engine can be found at the home page of IMU library portal under Search Engines tab

Select advanced search.

The key words that I have chosen are related to my course of study, which is Dentistry. The first keyword is "dental impression material" and "elastomer" is the second keyword. With the second keyword, the result has reduced from 2,860,209 (dental impression material) to 7778.

Limit the search to “full text” and pick source type “academic journals”. The search results have decreased significantly.

From the result, full text can be accessed in PDF format.

If the full text is available from ScienceDirect, the full text can be accessed directly.

When the full text is available in several databases, ‘Full text Finder’ will be seen. Click “Full Text Finder”.

Links to the full text will be listed. Click on any link to read the full text. For example, I clicked the first link to find full text at Elsevier’s Clinicalkey.

 Full text can be read online, saved, downloaded, emailed or printed

2.   Has the search engine benefit you in learning process?
Yes, the search engine is not only convenient, it is time saving. With just one click, we can search all the journals, articles and books subscribed by IMU. The advanced search function and other function to refine the result really helped me a lot in getting the articles that I am interested in reading.

3.   Does the search engine suit you or any other programs and why?

Yes, the search engine suit everyone from all programs well because this search engine covers all the databases which are subscribed for the entire student in IMU.

4.   Would you recommend this search engine to your colleagues and why?
Definitely, this is just like a master key to all the databases. It will save a lot of time, we do not need to search for the article from more than 10 databases available in library portal but only 1 search engine. I would call EDS the Google of IMU library portal. 

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