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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Database Review by Library PTS (Part Time Student Librarian) - UpToDate
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1.       Which feature(s) I like the most about the database?
UpToDate is a very useful database for information research and statistics which needed to present for my PBL. One of the interesting features is practice changing updates. As a future healthcare professions, we need to update ourselves with the latest information so we able to provide a better service and right treatment to the patient.

Information suitable for PBL Sessions

     Apart from that, when you are searching for certain topic, a lot of articles and journals are provided in a glimpse of eye. Topic outline will be provided at left side to ease your research on specific topics. All the information is provided in a systematic sequence which ease student to study.

Link to articles

2.       Has the database benefit you in your learning process?
Undoubtedly, UpToDate makes my life easier as I able to find reliable information anytime and few articles which related with the topics will be shown at the side to ease my research.

3.       Does the database suit you or any other programs and why?

Yes, it contains large amount of information about disease in different categories and specialise. I think it is very useful for health science student, eg: pharmacy student as well, because it provides specific calculator for calculation of BMI and have a specific page for drug interaction.

4.       Would you recommend this database to your colleagues and why?
Yes, I highly recommend this database to everyone that study in IMU. For your information, one database costs about thousands ringgit or even higher. We should use resources which provided and find information from reliable resources. Furthermore, information provided is clear and easy to understand, if you have any feedback or question, you can send email to this database anytime. They will check on it and make sure what they shown is correct, so called “quality control”. I always use this database to do my PBL and I found the pathophysiology part, they provide clear explanation and some useful pictures and charts will be attached together for better understanding.

Reviewer’s name: Sharon Chong

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