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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Database Review by Library PTS (Part Time Student Librarian) - Using Nature Database to Retrieve Articles
Review by Bernadette Tune Xin Jie
Click the image above to access the database

1. Which feature(s) I like the most about the database?
The database provides a very user-friendly platform for article and journal searching. It is easy to look for articles and journals for referencing reports or assignments. The search button is a straightforward and self-explanatory method to look for articles.

Search button on the website’s homepage

This database also provides an ‘advanced search’ option that can help narrow down search results. It is especially helpful when you need to look for articles or journals regarding a very specific topic.

Advanced search option
Options available for advanced search

Furthermore, articles with ‘OPEN’ labelled on them are downloadable as PDF. These are open access articles. This may be very useful for future references, study, or reading.

 ‘OPEN’ label signifies that the article is an open access article and available for download

To download the article, click on the ‘PDF’ button on the right. Other features include the navigating panel on the right, where the contents of the journal are easily accessible. References are available as well.

 Download as PDF file

Another method to look for articles in this database is through the ‘Journals A-Z’ option, available in the menu bar. This link will lead you to the full list of publications available under

Journals A-Z option in menu bar

Various subjects of interest are available. In this example, ‘Nature Biotechnology’.

 List of publications

Webpage for Nature Biotechnology

To look for all of its publication, click on ‘Archive’, then ‘Archive by issue’ to get the latest, and previous publications under the subject.

Archive to view all issues

Published issues on Nature Biotechnology

2. Has the database benefit you in your learning process?
Yes. Although I do not use this database very frequently for assignment purposes. This database is a good source of articles and news regarding the latest development in science. This is relevant for my course in Medical Biotechnology. However, is a good source of articles and journals when used to its full capacity.

3. Does the database suit you or any other programs and why?
This database is well-tailored for those in my programme, Medical Biotechnology, as it provides lots of research articles and journals on the latest news in medical, and biological science. As shown in the pictures above, this database also caters to students and teaching staffs of other disciplines and fields. Monthly publications are also available for subscription at a fee. However, due to their monthly issues, current and previous research topics are easy to obtain.

4. Would you recommend this database to your colleagues and why?
Yes. This database is easy to use and provides various articles and journals from various sources. Topics are widely available from physics to medical science. Most of the journals are available for download as PDF, and citations and references are also easily available.

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