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Monday, 27 March 2017


Dear all,

Library Online Quiz is back again NOW on Week 13th (27th March 2017).

We will send ONE quiz question to you each week until Week 39th (25th Sept 2017). You only have ONE attempt for each question and you’ll get instant feedback whether you answered right or wrong. We provide simple explanation for you and the source of reference for you to read further.

One correct answer will entitle you to A STAR. We will count how many stars you have collected at the end of Week 39th and will announce the winners (3 winners) to receive a token of appreciation during Learning Resources Festival in October 2017.
Should there be more than 3 winners, we will send another set of question to them (only) for final qualification.

Everything is from the e-books we subscribe and we hope you’ll benefit more from our expensive subscription.

Log on to the e-learn portal to participate or follow the steps below to access the Quiz page:

1. Log in into e-Learning Portal:
2. Bring your cursor to IMU Library and click Library Quiz

Good luck!

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