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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Access UPTODATE Anywhere From Your Mobile

Dear all,

You can now access the UpToDate database anywhere from your mobile (iOS, Android or Windows 8 device). To enable this service, please follow the steps below for first time registration:

1) Login to IMU Library portal:

2) Click Online Databases folder.

3) Find link to UpToDate at No.17 in the list.

4) Click the Registration link on your top right hand corner:

5) You will be prompted with the registration form and you need to fill in the mandatory fields:

6) Once registered, you will get the notification email which among others contain the below message:

"Download and install the free UpToDate Mobile App:"

7) On your smartphone or tablet, search for "UpToDate" in your app store and install the application.

8) Open the UpToDate Mobile App and log in with your UpToDate user name and password. You only need to do this once — the app remembers your user name and password.

IMPORTANT: In order to maintain remote access to UpToDate, simply log in to from your network every 90 days.

 Here's a preview:

 Thank you.

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