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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Database Review by Library PTS (Part Time Student Librarian) - Access Pharmacy
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1.    Which feature(s) I like the most about the database?
-    Formulation details is available in this ebook, includes shape and  colour of drug,
Generic and brand name, dosage form and dose strength.

General information about the drug

-    One of the modules in semester 4 is about dispensing the drugs, it will be important to know about the interaction between the drug so that we can identify any drug-drug interaction in the prescription. As an example, warfarin is advisable not to be taken together ciprofloxacin as ciprofloxacin is an enzyme inhibitor which will reduce the metabolism of warfarin by CYP1A2 and increase chance of haemorrhage.

  Drug interaction

 -    Dosing is listed down with route of administration as there will be difference between adult dose and paediatric dose. Different indications will need different dosage. For example, 2mg of warfarin in IV route is used to treat myocardial infarction.


   - There is a section for patient whereby some precautionary steps need to be taken while using the drugs. For instance, patient need to take food high in vitamin K in consistent amount as vitamin K acts as warfarin antagonist by reduce the effectiveness of warfarin.

Patient Education

2.    Has the database benefit you in your learning process?
Yes, this database is especially benefit me in the extemporaneous dispensing module, as we have to read through the prescription and identify interaction of the drugs. The information as well as the picture of the drug is available in this database and in point form which is very easy to be read through.

3.    Does the database suit you or any other programs and why?

This database is very suitable for mbbs and pharmacy course as we will be dealing with drugs in future career. All information about the drug is listed down clearly here from dosing, adverse effect, interaction even the price. Some information we might not be using it now, but definitely will be needed in the future.

4.    Would you recommend this database to your colleagues and why?

I will definitely recommend this database to my colleagues as it is very useful in helping us to understand the drugs. Not just in the dispensing module, we will be able to use it for pbl and psd session as well as pharmacological treatment involved recommendation of suitable drugs for a particular disease.

Review by Chai Shin Yiing 

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