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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Recommended Semester 1 Books Exhibition

Dear all,

Please be informed that the Library will be displaying recommended books for semester 1 at the Library lobby from 12th October – 9th November 2017.

All students (especially semester 1 students), faculty members and staff are encouraged to borrow these books for their learning and teaching purposes. Books displayed are related to the below subjects area:
i.    Anatomy.
ii.   Physiology.
iii.  Human biology.
iv.  Microbiology.
 v.  Biochemistry.
vi.  Other related semester 1 subjects.

Other than printed copies, we will also display posters of e-books related to semester 1 subjects mentioned above, subscribed by the Library which is accessible via the Library portal. We have prepared QR codes for everyone to scan and access the e-books using their gadgets.

Below are the photos of the books exhibition currently on-going in the Library:

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the Librarians should you have any inquiries.

Thank you.

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