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Friday, 29 September 2017

E-Journal Review by Library PTS (Part Time Student Librarian) - Using The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition e-journal
Review by Teo Chun Yi
Click the image above to access the e-journal

1.   Which feature(s) I like the most about the database?
The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is a publication by The American Society of Nutrition, and its articles are mainly research focusing on the area of nutrition.

This database allows users to easily access the articles published, through 2 methods:
i) Search through keywords; and
ii) Archives.

i) Search through keywords:

 For the “Search through keywords” method, you can directly type the keywords in the search column to look for the articles you want.

This database also provides “Advanced search” method, which narrows down the search results.

In the advanced search section, you can type the keywords in the columns for title/abstract/text. The section for “Limit Results” allows users to limit the dates of the articles searched.

 The articles available in this database are mostly accessible by users. In order to download the article, you can just click “Full Text (PDF)” and the PDF will be loaded.

 The details such as issue number, volume number and page number that are required for referencing are available on the right of the PDF.

ii) Archives:
 The other method to retrieve articles is by using “Archives” method.

 The above is the archive of all online issues, sorting by year and month of the issue.

 After choosing the issue you want, all the articles published in that particular issue will be listed according to category. Users can access full text by clicking the button “Full Text (PDF)”.

Both search methods are user-friendly and allow users to retrieve articles for academic purposes.

2.   Has the database benefit you in your learning process?
Yes, this database benefits me in my learning process. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published articles related to nutrition-related topic, and the articles are accessible by students. Therefore, students could always update themselves about the new findings through research done by the researchers. Besides, students could also use the articles as references for their assignments and thesis.

3.   Does the database suit you or any other programs and why?
Yes, this database suits Nutrition program and Dietetics with Nutrition program the most. In addition, it also suits the other courses, such as Chiropractic program, MBBS program and Biomedical Science program, as students from these courses will also need to learn some knowledge related to nutrition topics.

4.   Would you recommend this database to your colleagues and why?
Yes, this database published reliable articles, and suits for most of the healthcare professionals. It will be a very useful database for all students and lecturers who would like to understand the nutrition-related health issues.

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