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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Database Review by Library PTS (Part Time Student Librarian) - Using USMLE Q Bank
Review by Nor Heidi Izzat Nor Azman
Click the image above to access the database

1. Which feature(s) I like the most about the database?
USMLE is a famous examination which assesses a physician's ability to apply knowledge, concepts, and principles, and to demonstrate fundamental patient-centered skills, that are important in health and disease and that constitute the basis of safe and effective patient care. It is a three step examination. The database basically comprise with a question bank related to the USMLE examination. Before you can try to attempt to take the practice student need to sign up using institutional sign up. Click here to view the step-by-step guide registration.

Registration page

This database make our assessment much more easier with the features that they showed to us in the dashboard. You can actually keep track of your current progress, assessment summary or even recommended reading.

Your progress

The interesting feature of how the database gives a lot of question which is case based learning and discussion and also how it trained us to think and connect the dots really enlighten me. Most of its question is clinically related and it will definately helps us to find the solution.

2. Has the database benefit you in your learning process?
Sure it helps in our learning process because you would know what the question regarding to and how to solve it in the future when the similar question was given to you. This is the example of one of the question and when you already answered the question and you are not quite sure why the answer came out that way there is always be an explanation for you regarding the question.



If one of the question is much more on clinical based with involvement of lab examination, you can also request for the lab result.

Lab result

3. Does the database suit you or any other programs and why?
As a Semester 5 medical student, it surely help me since it includes all the syllabus that i have learned. Worry not, cause actually u can tailor Your own quiz specific to your preference. Otherwise you can also choose the other option which the database can create quizzes based on which area you are weak to. So it really depends on how you gonna use it and for sure suits the medical course.

4. Would you recommend this database to your colleagues and why?
I would recommend this database to my colleagues since it is really helpful for learning purposes. One of the biggest reason is because the database and the question itself some of it similar to what we have been asked for. And the best part is that it gives out explanation to every question that we answered so that we can actually learned from there after we made mistake or even when we didn't even know what's the answer. Personally i know a lot of student would want to try past year questions and stuff, but the drawback of that is that we couldn't know what's the real answer and what's the explanation behind it unless we find it  by discussing with our lecturers and colleagues and it definitely will take some time for even one question. Hence that's why i will like t suggest this database question bank to my fellow colleagues.

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